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Kayak tour in Fort Pierce estuary


8 hours
10-mile total distance
5-mile paddle

5-mile motorized return
Adults ages 12+ $99
Ages 11 and under free

Calling all outdoor water sports enthusiasts! Embark on our ultimate full-day kayaking  expedition that checks all the boxes for an unforgettable adventure! Our 10-mile journey  combines the best of both worlds: 5 miles of  paddling and 5 miles of  motorized propulsion. 

Experience the beauty of nature as you launch from a prehistoric archaeological and aquatic  preserve into a tropical mangrove jungle and six hours later, arrive at the beaches of the  modern Fort Pierce ocean inlet.

Inside the secluded mangrove jungle, navigate through enchanting narrow, dense canopied  tunnels, winding trails, and watery passages that transport you off the beaten paths into a  world made by nature, uncut and not groomed, therefore; inaccessible to motorized watercraft and rarely toured. 

Glide over sandbars and shallow flats, explore the lagoon teeming with tropical plants, diverse  marine and avian wildlife.


If conditions permit, take a refreshing swim in the waters of the  ocean inlet while enjoying the sights and sounds of boats on their way out to sea.

Midway through your journey, we will make a stop at a historic waterside restaurant, a perfect opportunity to recharge and purchase a lunch and drinks (available for purchase). Catch your breath and soak in the lively atmosphere at this popular spot.

For the return trip, sit back and relax as our motorized propulsion system takes over. Tandem kayakers can reposition their seats to face each other, allowing them to easily talk about this experience in the most comfortable way.

Throughout the tour, our guide will enrich your experience with fascinating insights about the tropical plants, marine life, and avian wildlife you encounter. You will walk away with a deeper appreciation for the incredible ecosystem that makes this area special.

We take pride in being the only Rivers to Ocean Kayaking tour that offers a seamless and unmatched journey from the protected and secluded archaeological and aquatic preserves all the way to the vastness of the ocean. So, if you are seeking an adventure that encompasses the best of kayaking and motorized exploration, join us!


Protecting the aquatic preserve: We are committed to ensuring that our tours have no lasting impact on the areas we visit. This means that we meticulously ensure that no buildings, facilities, trash or any disruptions are left behind, preserving these protected lands for generations.


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